A lot of the military forces are given weapons. They know that if they would die, the equipment would die with them. They are only as good as the people who are using them. There are so many gadgets and gizmos available. Some of them may not be familiar. Others are improved versions of what the veterans used to bring with them whenever they go to war.

For now, we shall focus on the equipment that military journalists use. From the term, you can already guess that these are people who have participated in military activities and are also journalists. The equipment that they use can give them a better view of their surroundings. Some will be able to keep them safe.

Military Journalist Equipment

Some people came from the military have decided to venture into journalism. There are different reasons for this:

  • They would like to write about their different experiences.
  • They want to write to de-stress about the things that they have gone through.
  • Some people feel like the world deserves to know the truth.

The information that they have can be the real truth out of all the fake news that can be seen all over social media. They want to share the information that they will gather in real-time.

Military journalists will not be able to work properly unless they have the right equipment. Some of the items that they normally use are the following:

  • Tape recorders – There are instances when they would still need to listen to the information that they have gathered. This is to ensure that what they are reporting is accurate. Spreading false information can be punishable by law.
  • Tablets – There will be times when all of the information should be placed in one safe device. Their tablet can hold all of the needed information. Take note that the tablet may also come with powerful apps. Some would be able to detonate bombs and so much more.
  • Map Apps – This might not seem like a big deal. There are map apps that can be downloaded even by those who are not military journalists. Yet, these map apps are special. They are more detailed. It can also provide the exact locations that they are searching for especially if they have some news that they want to finalize.
  • Human Necessities – It should not be forgotten that military journalists are also human. They need the basic things to survive. This means that they need food, water, clothes, and so much more.
  • Satellite Internet – There will be instances when they have to be in areas wherein they may not have ample internet connection. The satellite internet will help them stay connected. Remember that journalists cannot have slow internet connections especially if they are sharing live video coverages. They may also need to be in constant communication with other journalists that are in different areas.

Night Vision Devices for Military Journalists

If you think that military journalists only work during the daytime, you are mistaken. There will be times when they would be working at night. This can only be possible if they have the right night vision devices to use. They can use items to improve their night vision sight.

  • Night Vision Goggles – There will be times when journalists would need to standby in certain areas. When the area is too dark, it will be impossible to see. Night vision goggles will provide a greenish hue to the surroundings but it will make everything clearer.
  • Night Vision Monocular – There may be times when military journalists would also need to protect themselves from harm. Monoculars can be added to their rifles and scopes so that they can view the area better. It will also help them feel if there are intruders who may be trying to hinder their plans.
  • Night Vision Binoculars – This is once again related to being able to see at night. The binoculars are easier to carry around especially for those who would like to pack light. It will also magnify subjects that are far away. There may be different brands that are used depending on what is currently needed.


Being a military journalist is a type of profession that is considered hard by a lot of people. Some would be in the military first before venturing into journalism. Some people would start from being journalists first. The more that they learn about the military, the more that they would like to become a part of it. Hopefully, you have learned a lot of details about the things that they do plus the equipment that they need to do their tasks properly.

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