What is a reporter with a military unit called?

A reporter embedded with a military unit is called a “war correspondent.” They are given special training to learn the protocols and procedures of their host unit. Often, they will become a member of that unit for at least part of the time that they are embedded with it. A war correspondent is a journalist who covers conflicts or wars […]

How can social media endanger military or journalist?

Social media can endanger military by providing information to the enemy. It can also endanger journalists by providing information to the wrong people. Social media can provide information to the enemy that can be used against military personnel. This can include things like their location, their movements, and even their plans. This information can be used to ambush them or […]

How To Become a War Correspondent

A war correspondent is a journalist who covers war. They may be embedded with military units or stationed in a civilian area. Their job is to report on the conflict as it unfolds, and to provide the public with information about what is happening on the battlefield. How can I become a war correspondent? There are no set requirements to […]

What Does a Military Journalist Do?

A military journalist is a member of the armed forces who writes and reports on news and events happening within the military. They may work in print, online, or broadcast media, and their job is to provide accurate and balanced information about the military to the public. Military journalists have a deep understanding of the inner workings of the military, […]

How Do I Become a Military Journalist?

There are a variety of paths to take if you wish to become a military journalist. For some it’s finding someone who inspires them and taking the right courses, while for others it’s finding an internship or writing position at a local paper or magazine. There really is no specific path you should follow; instead, each person has their own […]